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ABORA II - With a Reed Boat across the Sea of Stars

Dominique Görlitz, 176 S., Softcover, Erscheinungsjahr 2007, Spache: Englisch     24,95 €

The experimental archeologist and phytogeographer carries on the research work of Thor Heyerdahl. With the ABORA II expedition he and his team were able to prove for the first time in the modern age that it is possible to sail upwind and complete a circular course with a prehistoric square rigger. The conclusive evidence is definitive for modern archeology as it demonstrates how prehistoric seafarers spread knowledge of new natural resources, trade partners or settlements in faraway places

Thor Heyerdahl provided evidence that reed boats of early ancient history were able to remain buoyant for months. But he was not able to prove how sailors could have returned to their place of departure, because his read boats were only capable of sailing downwind. So although his ground-braking expeditions triggered astonishment, he did not cause fundamental rethinking among archeologists, who still believe that people only sailed from one landing to the next in the supposedly safe vicinity of the coast. This book gives a gripping account of the archeological background, the adventurous experiences and the 1.164 nautical mile-long voyage of ABORA II in the trying Mediterranean…

In the second part Kai Helge Wirth, a geographer and astro-archeologist, deals with the use of old constellations for the prehistoric maritime navigation.

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