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Virtual tour of the ABORA exhibition

The video through the old and new ABORA exhibition gives an insight into the research and adventure of the ABORA team. Dominique Görlitz and his followers have been researching the continuation of Thor Heyerdahl's findings since 1990. With several large and small expeditions, they solved the secret of “sailing against the wind” on a prehistoric reed boat.

The tour gives an insight into the background of the research trips and also introduces you to the new area with the ABORA IV mission. As a continuation of the Khufu project in search of the origin of the iron of the pharaohs, the team sailed from the Black Sea in 2019 over the two Turkish straits to the Aegean, where after adventurous journeys from Limnos, Santorini and Rhodes, the sea journey was finally followed in Kaş, Turkey completed more than 1,500 km.

On large-format display boards, the reed boat DILMUN IV and a small cinema, you can understand all the important findings from ABORA research.

The exhibition awaits your visit and, with the exhibition of the gigantic forest elephant and other small exhibitions, offers an exciting stay for everyone interested.

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