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26.09.2023, Fascination Pyramids

There is probably no architecture that is as widely speculated as the pyramids. From Cheops to the Great Pyramids of Central America and China, scholars and amateur researchers alike are racking their brains. Of course, modern archeology has already solved many myths and mysteries. But professional scientists still lack a truly convincing answer to the how and why. However, even the smallest discovery is an important key to deciphering the ancient code of the master builders.

For this reason, the Nuoflix and ABORA team are inviting people to Braunsbedra for the third time this year to discuss these exciting questions with researchers. This is about the standard paradigm of archeology, which is presented by the organizer Dr. Dominique Görlitz is defended using the latest findings: the Great Pyramids of Giza are less than 10,000 years old and were built by the Egyptian master builders of the 4th Dynasty. The know-how and construction technologies did not need inspiration from extraterrestrial visitors either.

This is contrasted with the astonishing research of Dr. Hans Jelitto, who comes to completely different conclusions both in the Nile Valley and in Mexico. In his opinion, according to the doctor of natural sciences, there are too many coincidences that can be proven using the most modern measuring methods to attribute the authorship to a primitive slave-owning society. His research calls into question everything that modern archeology has ever said.

The last two speakers at the congress also followed this line. The star guest of the congress - Erich von Däniken - shines with his lecture “Cosmic Traces” that there is so much evidence of outside influence and therefore an independent development of the pyramid building is very unlikely. His secretary and research colleague Ramon Zürcher (both from Interlaken/Switzerland) provides further examples from Egypt and other locations that further support Däniken's theses.

The quartet of pro and con speakers make this congress a real highlight of pyramid research. Openness of knowledge and dialectics in the search for our origins are important demands that have made the ABORA Nuoflix congresses so attractive for many years. So come to Braunsbedra and witness a unique panel discussion.

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