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14.08.2023, Great Pyramid Congress with Erich von Däniken!

ABORA meets Erich von Däniken again in Germany. Together, in cooperation with Nuoviso, we are organizing the third ABORA Congress in Braunsbedra, which deals with the origin and meaning of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Erich von Däniken and I have a special partnership. We hold opposing viewpoints on the origin and construction of the pyramid. Nevertheless, we respect and honor the arguments of the other party. This is only possible with the conviction that none of us has the "absolute truth" for ourselves.

Ramon Zürcher (left) is the link between the two of us. Erich has been promoting Ramon for many years. At the same time, Ramon is his right hand and is with him at all his lectures and travels. Ramon also researches with me in several projects, which include the astronomical alignment of the step pyramids on Tenerife/Canary Islands.

The official poster of the ABORA Nuoviso Congress. It also shows the fourth speaker. dr Hans Jelitto has been researching the astronomical alignment of the Great Pyramids of Giza for decades. In the process, he found out incredible things!

For more than 30 years I have had an extraordinary friendship with Erich von Däniken and his company A.A.S. Erich became world famous through his book "Memories of the Future". In it he systematically examined the traditions of ancient and younger peoples for clues that suggest encounters with extraterrestrial civilizations. For this reason, we are planning a cosmic congress in Braunsbedra on October 20th to 21st, 2023, in order to approach these exciting questions of the history of civilization with excellent speakers.

As a teenager I was fascinated by the idea and the consequences of his reasoning. As a GDR child, I got hold of his book from the West, taking many detours. Later I discovered Thor Heyerdahl and his interpretations. Today I have reinterpreted many of Erich's interpretations (but not all!) through my own research into ancient peoples. One of the most important questions is the exploration of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Given their origin, I take a different position than Erich.

It is probably the cardinal question par excellence: Did the ingenious construction plan for mankind's first "skyscraper" actually came from the spirit of an aspiring Bronze Age slave-owning society, or did the inspiration and engineering come "somehow" from outside?

In my opinion, in our Cheops project, with the discovery of terrestrial wrought iron in ancient Egypt (4th dynasty), we brought to light important indications of the earthly origin of these structures. The second and third speakers interpret this completely differently, like Erich von Däniken, DR Hans Jelitto sees cosmic references in the layout and architecture of the Great Pyramids, which even have a correspondence in the pyramids of pre-Columbian America. Ramon Zürcher, Erich's secretary and also a member of ABORA, has been researching a predecessor building for years. The Pyramid of Sekhemkhet (3rd Dynasty) also has features that challenge the teachings of classical Egyptology on the purpose of the pyramids as burial sites.

All speakers unite - despite different scientific views - the conviction that science is not the search for the truth, but the posing of even more precise questions. Only those who question current knowledge and try to correct it through new research comply with the principles of modern, open-minded science.

For this reason, this congress from October 20th to 21st, 2023 will be a highlight for all those who adore the unsolved mysteries of the Great Pyramids of Giza.

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