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22.02.2020, Patara will be the Turkish Capital of Culture 2020

This week, the Turkish Ministry of Culture in Ankara decided to select the former port city of Patara as Turkish capital of culture in 2020. This message is also very helpful to the ABORA team, because it will enormously enhance the value of the new ABORA IV exhibition. This post provides some basic information that I learned in a personal phone call from Prof. Havva İşkan.

When the ABORA IV changed its course from Cyprus to Kas near Patara on September 19, 2019 at the invitation of the Turkish Ministry of Culture, the team did not yet know in which wonderful cultural landscape they would end their expedition. The ABORA IV had set sail from Bulgaria to demonstrate that ancient reed boats were able to leave the Black Sea and sail through the windy Aegean to target the ancient Egyptian trading ports in the eastern Mediterranean, like Patara was one to approach.

Patara was once a very special place on the south-west coast of Turkey, about 150 km as the crow flies from Antalya. It was the capital of the Lycian League and the most important port in this landscape. Small finds prove a prehistoric settlement as early as the Chalcolithic and early Bronze Age. In addition, Patara became the most important port on the Asia Minor coast during the Roman times, which mediated the grain trade from the Nile valley via Patara to the capital of the Roman Empire. Nevertheless, its importance goes much further back in history, as Prof. Havva İşkan said in the conversation today: “Patara and nearby Tlos can look back on an ancient seafaring history, because larger quantities of obsidian were brought here from more than 11,000 years ago the island of Melos, so pretty much along the route you are sailing the ABORA IV. "

These and many other finds are now being presented to the world public in Patara Year. The ABORA IV sea voyage will also do its part to honor the legacy of Patara. If seafaring merchants of that time traveled with their reed boats like our ABORA IV between the Black Sea, the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, they would have transported tons of freight across the Aegean to the Lucian coast. Every merchant, who navigated the Eastern Mediterranean from east to west or vice versa, had to pass this wonderful place with its natural harbor.

The two Turkish archaeologists Fahri Işık. And Havva İşkan from the Akdeniz University in Antalya has rightly earned great recognition with this title. The ABORA team hopes that our new ship staging will also help to satisfy the curiosity of the many tourists about the maritime legacy of the port city of Patara. The rush will be huge in the next few months. It is estimated that it will increase from around 250,000 visitors a year to one million in 2020.

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