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02.12.2019, Unraveling ABORA IV in Patara

Last week I visited the excavation site Patara with Dirk Sprenger (ABORA Association) to help the archaeologist Prof. Havva İşkan with the reconstruction of the ABORA IV. The Turks had in the meantime the ABORA IV transported from Kaş to Patara - a very complex undertaking.

Prof. İşkan said in an interview in Patara about the significance of the future ABORA exhibition: "The connection between ABORA and Patara is obvious. From earliest times Patara had close ties with Egypt. Later, when Patara became the main port of Lycia, Patara was the gateway to the Eastern Mediterranean, which had close ties, especially to Egypt. In addition, Patara and nearby Tholos can look back on an ancient seafaring history, as more than 11,000 years ago, larger quantities of obsidian were transported from the island of Melos, pretty much along the route that also sailed ABORA IV. "

The archaeological background as well as the enormous importance of Patara on the coast of Asia Minor, confirm that this archaeological site offers the best conditions for an ABORA IV Special Exhibition at the end of the expedition route.

That's why it was so important to help the Turkish colleagues to completely rebuild the ABORA IV hull in order to prepare everything for the pending conservation. The investigations on the hull showed that the reed is still in excellent condition at the moment. It still shows no signs of rot. After lacing up, we put the large super structures back on the hull with the help of the archaeologists. This work was very complex and required the full ability of all to work together. For one thing, the Germans had never worked with the Turks before; on the other hand, the Turks again had no experience in rigging prehistoric sailing ships, so that this work could be done only under intimate cooperation. But that's exactly where the "power of ABORA" lies, bringing together people of different cultures and religions to work harmoniously together for a larger whole. The expedition with eight nations across the Mediterranean had already impressively demonstrated this in late summer 2019.

Nevertheless, the refitting of the mast was very expensive, so that the work lasted until late into the night. In the end, the German-Turkish joint venture and an almost fully rigged ABORA IV is now imposingly in the ancient site of Patara.

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