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24.11.2019, Everything is prepared in the Galileo Park in Lennestadt

One day before the start of the 5th ABORA Congress everything is ready for the evaluation and appreciation of the ABORA IV Expedition. The congress is all about the pioneers of the seafaring history. For this reason, Prof. Manfred Buchroithner (TU Dresden), Prof. Frank Müller-Römer (University of Munich), Prof. Havva İşkan (University of Antalya & Izmir) and Andreas Otte (private researcher) travel to discuss the maritime topics with their lectures ABORA supplement.

The congress organizer not only talks about his latest ABORA IV mission, but also about new insights on interpreting the Nebra Sky Disc. Dr. Kai-Helge Wirth and the physicist Dr. Stephan Zschiegner worked on their own research for the image analysis in order to introduce them to Görlitz for the first time to a larger audience.

But the other lectures are very informative and treat topics that you will not hear again. Prof. Buchroithner talks about the joint work with Görlitz on Antarctic cartography and the georeferencing of old globes. Prof. Müller-Römer talks about the Bronze Age seafaring from the point of view of an Egyptologist, while Prof. Havva İşkan presents the importance of the archaeological site of Patara. In addition, she will again highlight why she so massively promotes the ABORA project and would like to exhibit the expedition ship ABORA IV in Patara.

The lecture by Andreas Otte should also be of particular interest, as it presents for the first time the new joint research results with Prof. Hans Giffhorn on the subject of the Chachapoya culture. Both researchers want to have solved the mystery of the origin of that blond and fair-skinned Indian culture in South America!

Come to Lennestadt tomorrow and be eyewitness to exciting topics around the early seafaring and ancient explorer trips. The congress starts at 10 o'clock.

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