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24.09.2019, The expedition ends with dismantling of ABORA IV

With the dismantling of the rigging of ABORA IV and the handing over of the boat to the Ministry of Culture in Ankara, the ABORA IV Expedition in Kas is officially ending today.

The team spent another 3-4 days of work and time to hand over the ABORA IV as best as possible to the new Turkish owners. Today, the boat should be taken out of the water. However, this was prevented by the lack of sufficient timber for the future transport and exhibition platform for Patara. This should be made up in the next few days now.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that this high-risk company succeeds and the ABORA IV reaches its "final port" in Patara safely.

Ahoy ABORA IV: You were a good ship!

The ABORA IV Team and Skipper Dominique Görlitz

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