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11.09.2019, ABORA IV stands out for the next and last trip to sea

Our next and last destination is Patara near Antalya in Turkey. There, we got the incredible great offer to exhibit the ABORA raft in a permanent exhibition. Patara is not far from Antalya. There, an ancient shipwreck was found in the old and now disused harbor last summer. From these findings, a new museum will be built in the next few years, in which the results of the ABORA IV mission will be incorporated in full.

The leading archaeologist Prof. Dr. Havva Ishik will take over the boat with the governorate Kas, and transfer it to the future area. My diverse exhibitions such as in Rostock or at Lennestadt are now paying off to make a fresh start in a very short time. One would like to instantly install a complete ABORA exhibition for tourists and locals in Patara.

Whether and how we will make the next 400 km long trip, I do not know yet, because this time we not only have to sail across the wind, but also across the current. We must therefore remain open and look at which side of Rhodes or Karpathos we will master the passage into the eastern Mediterranean Sea. At least we will try, as in the last stages of the expedition and in the wake of the Argonauts.

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