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09.09.2019, ABORA IV is safe in the caldera of Santorini

Deep in the penultimate night we sailed right to the entrance of the caldera of Santorini. By pitch dark night with no local knowledge, risking the danger of a failed anchor maneuver, I made the decision to turn off about 3 miles away. Around midnight we dropped anchor in front of the small fishing port of AkraMavrópetra in the north of Santorini. That was no problem during the night with 9-10 knots of wind.

The next morning came a rude awakening. The wind, which blew so comfortably a few hours ago, had turned overnight into a nasty wind monster. With up to 33 knots - almost wind force 8 - an aggressive northeast hammer on anchor and ship. That's why I'll get help from the fishing port immediately. After about an hour we are dragged by the fisherman Petro, who is also mayor of Thirasia, from the uncomfortable location to the opposite island of Santorini in the port of Kórfou. This bay not only gives us a breathtaking view of the caldera of Santorini, but also excellent protection from the Meltemi.

Here we lie at anchor after our fast crossing from Limnos and prepare for the next stage!

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