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31.08.2019, ABORA anchored after a hard crossing in Limnos

Yesterday evening, our ABORA IV took place in Çanakkale. After a short towing it was set sail and course heading towards Limnos. At first a friendly wind took us in, which propelled us on an excellent course towards the Turkish island of Gökceda.

Already in the early hours of the night, however, the weather changed and we were able to keep up with the increase in wind force only by applying all forces course. In the morning, the wind swelled to a strong 7 bft and three meters of wave. So it was clear that we had to turn around and sail along the east coast. As a new destination, the prehistoric port Poliochni was selected.

Some historians say that Poliochni is even the oldest city in Europe. We sailed in the north wind like the experienced Argonauts in this bay and cast anchor. All expedition members are well on and in a good mood. The ABORA IV is in very good condition, so we will soon continue our journey.

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