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27.08.2019, Restart in Istanbul

After the extensive modifications to the ABORA IV in Istanbul, we can announce with great pleasure that we have made it. All changes to the rigging proved their full suitability on the Marmara Sea. We can again use the side swords on the bow for sailing on the wind. So we have a very different ship than when we started our expedition in Varna.

After the short haul from the Kalamis Marina, the first day was pretty slow with southern winds. However, in the early afternoon hours, a strong north wind with up to 19 knots of wind (5 bft) set sail on a fantastic course to the west. The second day received us with changing and less steady winds from different directions. However, the new sail trim allowed us to always keep heading in the desired direction west. Anyway, it was not time to rumble, because our new hosts in Çanakkale have been waiting for weeks for our arrival.

The road through the Bosphorus and through the Marmara Sea does not look that far on the map. But the changing winds and strengths require the full power and concentration of the crew on an early-historic reed ship. Unlike on a modern-day Latin glider, you have to trim a sailor much more skillfully to get to the destination you want. So the Marmara Sea let us experience all the highs and lows of a sea voyage. The sea of ​​"great marble quarries" is now behind us, and the great feeling of moving again on an active sailor across the sea.

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