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28.08.2019, Great tribute for the ABORA IV in Troy

Many VIPs came to the harbor to welcome them, as well as the governor of Çanakkale and the world-famous Troy specialist Prof. Rüstem Aslan.

The UNSECO World Heritage Site Troy is located near Çanakkale. It was a powerful ancient city and site of the famous Trojan War of 1200 BC. On the discovery tour through Troy, Prof. Aslan gave me not only unique new findings of modern Troy research. In the subsequent TV interview he underscored the enormous importance of our expedition for the study of trade relations between the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea. He also emphasized the importance of ancient traditions for modern archeology. For him, the written traditions of Herodotus on the long-distance trade of iron, tin and amber are quite believable. Likewise, the ancient Egyptians already sourced iron for building the pyramids from those remote areas. Therefore, Rüstem Aslan derives important insights for his own work in Troy from the ABORA IV sails for this long-distance trade route.

Today modern archeology can prove that Troy became the dominant site in the Troas (landscape in the northwest of present-day Turkey) precisely because of this long-distance trade. Due to the limited maneuverability of the former ships and the unfavorable winds in summer, the sea traders here often had to anchor for weeks before they could sail north with favorable winds.

Our own journey probably continues on Friday towards the south. Our next destination is the North Aegean island Limnos. It lies exactly on the ancient tin route, which possibly connects even the tin-rich Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge in Saxony, Germany) with the prehistoric sites at the exit of the Dardanelles.

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