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22.08.2019, ABORA IV crossed the Bosporus

Until a few years ago archeology it was assumed that the great civilizations of antiquity were responsible for all technical innovations. Then these innovations spread to the Levant, Minoan Crete and even later into barbaric Europe and across the Black Sea. Today, it can be shown that this diffusion also took place in the opposite direction from the earliest metal cultures at the foot of the Caucasus, Balkan and Bosporus. The ancient written records of Herodotus (500 B.C.) also describe earliest trade contacts of the Egyptians in the far Black Sea area. Therefore, an international team of ABORA IV set sail from the Bulgarian port of Varna to test this hypothesis that prehistoric trade routes traversed the high seas.

After our successful crossing of the western Black Sea, the ABORA IV now passed through the Bosporus to Istanbul in the Kalamis Marina. So, we got the permission for the passage for this Bosporus Straight by the Turkish authorities yesterday. However, this is one of the most frequent water ways on this planet. Therefore, we agreed together not to sail through this very narrow strait. It has divided sea traffic which made this water way even smaller and more dangerous.

Nevertheless, the passage was awesome. The nature but also the beauty of Istanbul was over helming. We enjoyed a very safe trip under the guidance of the Safety Coast Guard. Once more, many thanks to Turkey and its great support for the ABORA IV project.

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