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01.08.2019, Difficult crane maneuver in Beloslav

One day before the solemn baptism of the ship with the subsequent launch, one of the most difficult maneuvers was on the program today.[mehr]

29.07.2019, Close to baptism and launch

The work on our reed boat is entering the hot phase. After putting down basket huts and mast, the last but countless knots and detail constructions ar[mehr]

25.07.2019, Erection of the superstructures ran like clockwork

There was a lot of tension in the air when the 40 t crane arrived in Beloslav with some delay. Anxious questions made their way cautiously on the bu[mehr]

24.07.2019, Week 12

About a year ago, about 12 tons of reed where harvested at the Lake Titikaka in Bolivia, tied into big rolls and sent on the journey to Bulgaria early[mehr]

19.07.2019, Completion of the hull

Since the day before yesterday we have tied up the main hull and today we lift the railing rolles on the prefabricated reed boat for the first time. W[mehr]

17.07.2019, High visitor from Turkey in Beloslav

After long preparations, the General Consul of Turkey visited us today at the construction site in Beloslav. [mehr]

15.07.2019, The masts and huts for a reed boat

Other countries. Other manners. That this also applies to the European country Bulgaria was to be expected. [mehr]

09.07.2019, week 10

The 10th week starts in Beloslav[mehr]

04.07.2019, Spirallashing

The Spirallashing - A boat originates at Beloslav Lake[mehr]

01.07.2019, The calm before the storm

This week is probably one of the busiest weeks for the ABORA team[mehr]

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