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16.11.2019, ABORA IV reaches Patara in top condition

Now it's all in one blow. After the successful recovery of the reed boat in Kaş last week and the first rough cleaning in the harbor, the hull was loa[mehr]

01.11.2019, Neuer Film über ABORA IV geht im Internet an den Start

Experimentelle Archäologie lebt von der audiovisuellen Dokumentation. Nur sie garantiert, dass Rekonstruktionen über technische Prozesse oder Werkzeug[mehr]

28.10.2019, Congress "Pioneers of the Seas" on 23.11.2019 in Galileo Park

Exactly 500 years ago (1619), Magellan began its historic circumnavigation of America. This opened the doors for the colonization of the American c[mehr]

24.09.2019, The expedition ends with dismantling of ABORA IV

Ahoy ABORA IV: You were a good ship![mehr]

19.09.2019, Arrival after 1,800 km long sea voyage in Kas

After living through the bad weather region east of Rhodes, the ABORA IV Expedition has now reached its final destination, the Turkish city of kas.[mehr]

11.09.2019, ABORA IV sails through the caldera of Santorini

It was one of my boyhood dreams: [mehr]

11.09.2019, ABORA IV stands out for the next and last trip to sea

Our next and last destination is Patara near Antalya in Turkey. There, we got the incredible great offer to exhibit the ABORA raft in a permanent exhi[mehr]

09.09.2019, ABORA IV is safe in the caldera of Santorini

Deep in the penultimate night we sailed right to the entrance of the caldera of Santorini. By pitch dark night with no local knowledge, risking the da[mehr]

31.08.2019, ABORA anchored after a hard crossing in Limnos

Yesterday evening, our ABORA IV took place in Çanakkale. After a short towing it was set sail and course heading towards Limnos. At first a friendly[mehr]

28.08.2019, Great tribute for the ABORA IV in Troy

With our arrival in Çanakkale yesterday we had a big press conference followed by an excursion to Troy. [mehr]

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