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09.09.2019, ABORA IV is safe in the caldera of Santorini

Deep in the penultimate night we sailed right to the entrance of the caldera of Santorini. By pitch dark night with no local knowledge, risking the da[mehr]

31.08.2019, ABORA anchored after a hard crossing in Limnos

Yesterday evening, our ABORA IV took place in Çanakkale. After a short towing it was set sail and course heading towards Limnos. At first a friendly[mehr]

28.08.2019, Great tribute for the ABORA IV in Troy

With our arrival in Çanakkale yesterday we had a big press conference followed by an excursion to Troy. [mehr]

27.08.2019, Restart in Istanbul

After the extensive modifications to the ABORA IV in Istanbul, we can announce with great pleasure that we have made it. [mehr]

22.08.2019, ABORA IV crossed the Bosporus

After our successful crossing of the western Black Sea, the ABORA IV now passed through the Bosporus.[mehr]

20.08.2019, ABORA IV reaches the entrance to the Bosphorus

Despite the bad weather announcement and an unscheduled detour to Burgas, today we completed the crossing in three days. [mehr]

16.08.2019, ABORA IV sets sail today

All signs are now green, that we drop in Varna with ABORA IV tonight. [mehr]

14.08.2019, New start date for ABORA IV is August 16, 2019

Due to the countless smaller and bigger delays as well as the strong wind of the last days in the Varna bay we had to postpone the expedition start by[mehr]

13.08.2019, Gesture of friendship between America and Russia

Since a few days our Russian crew member arrived in Varna. It is the physicist Prof. dr. Alexander Bugaev. He continues the legacy of Yuri Senkewitsch[mehr]

12.08.2019, The first sailing with the ABORA IV

On August 11th, 2019, the ABORA team set the big square sail for the first time![mehr]

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