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Ancient oral histories describe trading voyages of the Egyptians, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. One of those legends refers to the sources of gold near the present coastline in the Eastern Black Sea. Therefore, a new expedition is planned to experimentally examine whether the Black Sea with its treacherous currents and northerly winds was navigable for ancient Egyptian papyrus sailing vessel ...

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The Cobalt Blue of the Egyptians

Based on the first research results of the English mining archeologist Dr. John E. Dayton, more reports shall be gathered by a transdisciplinary study that in the old mines around Neustädtl (near Schneeberg/Saxony/Germany) evidences of early mining and trade are traceable.

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Cheops Projekt

How did the ancients build the first skyscraper in mankind with their simple technologies of the Early Bronze Age? With new studies Dr. Dominique Görlitz and author Stefan Erdmann want to solve this mystery. The new documentary by NuoViso TV Leipzig accompanied the two researchers on their inquiries in Egypt and let many experts have their say. These studies which will provide more clarity about these phenomena will increase our knowledge of this pyramid. It is shown with what an incredible precision and high technology the builders must have worked. This also applies to the size and the arrangement of the pyramids, which were never left to chance since there are striking correlations with astronomical celestial bodies. This research project challenges our conventional concepts of written histories and confirms some strong quotations by the Greek historian Herodotus (500 B.C.).

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Museums Project Stollberg, Germany

In the course of a touristic rearrangement of the castle Hoheneck in Stollberg (Saxony, Germany) an ABORA science exhibition is going to be developed on more than 800 m² (8611 ft²). In an interactive exhibition the major research projects and big reed boat expeditions will be displayed.

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Marble globe

The globe in the Ducal Palace collection of the castle foundation “Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha” (Thuringia, Germany) seems to have an exciting secret. East of the South American continent this marble globe shows an image of a ship that has all the characteristics of an early Egyptian ship type. However, no citizen of Gotha in the Early Middle Ages could have had this knowledge of Egyptian shipbuilding to immortalize on a globe. The studies of the author do not only bring light into the knowledge of early cartography, but also in the study of cultural interaction in the past.

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