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Global Top Speaker - Details

Dr. Dominique Grlitz: „Success is always the result of team work! “

The extreme sailor, scientist and Global Top Speaker Dominique Grlitz causes furor with his ABORA expeditions for a long time. What nobody expected before, he carried out on his daring voyage ABORA III: crossing the stormiest water way of the world – across the North Atlantic Ocean from New York heading to Spain.

  • nine men and two women on 40 m limited life space
  • the vessel without any escort alone in the mercy of the elements
  • 13 storms with dramatically experiences in towering waves and in wind force 10!

The team was successful! Those experiences on the limit formed the extreme sailor and Global Top Speaker. Dr. Dominique Grlitz realized that only teamwork of the entire team guarantees success and that it is the only way to achieve top efficiency in extreme situations. No matter if at sea or on land – teamwork, joint action and leadership, the goal to reach a common target, those are the key to success and the prosperous accomplishment in critical situations.

In his presentations Dr. Grlitz shows impressing film clips and pictures of the ABORA expeditions and in this way conveys how to organize a successful team work and how to lay the foundation for long-term success by cooperative actions as business culture.

The Global Top Speaker Dr. Dominique Grlitz is an experimental archaeologist who loves adventures. The New York Times entitled the expedition leader as “German Indiana Jones who tries to cross the North Atlantic Ocean on a bale of straw”. The courage that the ABORA team displayed, to break with reservations and traditional visions against previous scientific knowledge shows that it is possible to achieve enormous accomplishments by joint action and the belief in a common goal. However not only the success is important but also the fact that teamwork opens possibilities which a single person wouldn’t come up with.

Experience Dr. Dominique Grlitz live

As scientist with doctor’s degree Dr. Dominique Grlitz retained his curiosity and pioneering spirit to this day. The Global Top Speaker doesn’t settle with the “Main Stream Concept” of the established science rather tries to look outside the box and to discover cross connections between the fields and thereby new perceptions. With his very exciting lectures he takes the audience on the journey across the Atlantic Ocean, to spectacular and future relevant research results based on our history. He always describes an innovative and brave vision to controversial topics such as the highly praised climate change or the energy transition. Get yourself to another level by the experimental archaeologist and extreme sailor and come to know why it is so important that we remain discoverer and should not settle with old familiar and well-known information.

His multiple expeditions and researches received many awards.

Dominique Grlitz is a member in several international organizations:

-> Explorers Club Manhattan

-> European association for the advancement of archaeology by experiment

-> Association of Experimental Archaeology and Research Chemnitz e.V.

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