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Dominique Grlitz (born June 15, 1966 in Gotha, Thuringia) is a German experimental archaeologist, vegetation geographer, author, filmmaker and lecturer. He became known primarily as a "Stone Age Sailor" during his ABORA reed boat expeditions in the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic. With these, he aimed to support theories of early prehistoric marine and intercultural interactions of distant ancient cultures. His point is to provide evidence that the "global village" as a concept actually is much older as generally assumed today. more ->

Global Top Speaker

„ Success is always the result of team work! “

The extreme sailor, scientist and Global Top Speaker Dominique Grlitz dared an expedition over the most stormy water way of the world – across the North Atlantic from New York with the heading to Spain. What nobody expected before, he carried out on his daring voyage: more ->

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